Best of August

August is finding time to be grateful that we have one more month of official summer to go.  Hot coffee on the dock, watch the kids (and a few of the adults) cannoball off the rocks into the still-icy cold water, swat away those deer flys, clamber out onto wet wide planks of sun-warmed planks, huddle under too-thin cottage towels, reach for the cheesies, grab your book, change into dry clothes with a hoodie while hot dogs grill, and marshmallows on sticks with s'mores as a treat are waiting for the campfire tonight.  Life at the cottage, loons call after dark when we're all bedded down, a lonely haunting call reminding us that August will soon end, and with it, Summer.  

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best of July

July is six o'clock mornings, coffee on the patio, it's going to be a hot one, open the umbrella, dog trots by to find the first sunny patch of the day.  Pad around in bare feet, coral coloured geraniums and toes, sprinkler hiss and purple lavender bowing their plumy heads from visits of bees and hummingbirds.  Let's visit a canal in Amsterdam, and see what's around this corner up ahead. 


Let's bike by a shady canal




july 2017 

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill


June 2017


July 2017

Lessons in Laughing Out Loud - Rowan Coleman


Picture of the Week

july 2017

When things are meant to be...




Skies over Utrecht


June is hello, nice to have you home again, and goodbye sweetpeas, have a wonderful trip. June is planning for it's just around the corner, and pauses to view a pink-tinged sky for signs that summer is almost here. June is tree house planning. June is re-reading the voices of Jem and Scout and Dill. 

Let's build a treehouse

Sleep in the forest green...



June 2017

Big Little Lies Soundtrack

Cold Little Heart - Michael Kiwanuka



June 2017

Ruth Galloway Mystery Series

A lead character to love...


Picture of the Week

June 2017

Troubled Times

Paris lights are dimmed for London attacks.