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10 Ways to Deal with Stress

Do you find yourself hyper-ventilating at the thought that we're just passing month two of 2018, and you haven't even charged your Fitbit? Are all your self-promises about not letting the worry of the job or school or kid's schedules getting to you? Read on for 10 ways to divert the mind when stress takes over. 

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Friday Favourites: Looks, Books, and Apps - Oct 20, 2017

Friday's are all about looking forward to a restful weekend after hectic weekdays.  About taking time with the morning papers, writing in a journal, catching a nap after taking the dog for a walk.  Reading a great book, baking something with chocolate chips. 

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Cranberry Crumble Coffee Cake

A warm cranberry crumble coffee cake can be just the thing to settle down with on a Sunday afternoon with a good book, and a cup of tea.  If we are lucky, the air will be crisp, and the sun will still be hanging around around the backyard, and you can head out to the deck and prop your feet up to appreciate life around you.

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