2019 Resolutions for an Adventurous Life


2019 Resolutions

Committing to a Year of Change

A few days ago I wrote a post entitled Resonate. I wrote about those areas in my life that flicker with light, that frequently come to the surface of my daily thoughts, and nudge me, as if to say “You should pay some attention to this idea, you know you want to, give it a chance, I bet you would love it!”. So this year, I’m writing down resolutions, in the hope that this will make me accountable.

My theme for this year is gifted to me by my daughter Kyra, who so eloquently put it as:

A busy brain with creative things is better than a worrying brain.

  1. Walk everyday. I simply have to move my body more, or I am going to regret it in the short term. I’m going to take pictures of every walk.

  2. Write everyday. Five minutes, ten or thirty - it doesn’t matter. It will count for something, I can feel it.

  3. Practice mindful organization - this is something that always makes me feel better: to create order out of piles of stuff, to carve out space and create a pleasing environment in which to work and live. It will help me to then engage in writing, reading, baking, and simply enjoying where I am. I’m going to make a list of spaces in my house where attention is needed.

  4. Build positive habits. Whether this is making a note of the Good Things I see daily for my blog, or getting back into a skin care routine, or making my lunches the night before, and picking out work clothes as well — these are all part of choosing positive over staid patterns of past behaviour.

  5. And finally - Find something to try that I’ve never done before, something that makes me a bit uncomfortable, that makes me feel a bit apprehensive, yet catches my interest, and pushes me to live the idea that I am good enough, that if I put my mind to it, there is no reason why it will not be a positive experience.

I’m off for my walk. Enjoy your Wednesday.