What Does Confidence Look Like?



Is built by reminding yourself of the things you love

Confidence is a funny thing.  Sometimes it is tightly intwined with self-doubt, and not really being able to figure out what you want in life.  What can help is to not think about the big picture, i.e., where you want to go with your career, but rather take notice of what appeals to you in the moment.  The rest of it will somehow not seem so life-altering after some reflection of what brings you joy. 


Lately, I've been obsessed with quiet spaces, and loving images of places where I could sit and reflect, and enjoy the sound of water and birds and enjoy some wine and time to read. 


I've been favouring the minimal look of white, with simple jewelry and hair pulled back.  It seems to represent a clean and calm approach to the day ahead.


Who could not love high ceiling, old world rooms, with light streaming in, and the accoutrements of life all around to remind us of the joy that can be found in living our life surrounded by good food and our favourite things. 


There is enjoyment in expressing yourself through style.  There can be no better way to find a feeling of confidence than in picking a piece of clothing or jewelry or an accessory that speaks to your feeling of "this is who I am".  

Take some time to delve into what appeals to the creative side of you, and you'll find confidence is not far behind.