Summer Fashion


Style is a Way to Say Who You Are

Without having to speak - Rachael Zoe

As we move through seasons, it's interesting how we shift our sense of style to fit our personalities and perhaps our stage in life.  Summer is a great season though for those of us living in a climate that allows us to finally shed the layers and the boots, and choose linens, and whites, and breezy blues, and leather strappy sandals, and purses of net and wicker.  


Stripes are so typically summer.  This elegant variation on a striped summer blouse is a head turner. 


A bare back has curb appeal.  Love the organic colour and textures of the top and trousers.  


There is something about the smooth tones of camels, beiges, and carmel that feel fresh for a polished look. 




Is there anything more flattering than a soft wrap dress with a side clasp? 


Lately I am obsessed with finding cool looking shoes.  Look at these shoes, the leather straps across the front, and oh-so-perfect heel.  Like, how could you go wrong with these, and a pair of dark shades?  

Big Times

It is rarely too warm for big sweater look.  Put a white tank underneath, with some layered necklaces, a great manicure, and voila, ready to roll.


Linen + Jumpsuit + Weave bag.  I'm in. 


Can't go wrong with black and a pair of chinos.


The Blues