Some days

Once upon a time

Do we look back more than we look forward? Are we remembering that time when our arms were strong, where we laughed among women, where we were young and wild and free?  The regrets can be many as you age, and while it's important not to go down with them, it's also important to acknowledge that there is a certain sadness at the realization of past opportunities, friendships that have faded away, friends once there, now gone. That too is part of being in a sisterhood.  The aloneness at times. 

I like this poem.  It seems to capture the essence of wistful regret.   

Some Days

some days

i think of all i missed

and dream of boys i should have kissed.

Some days i find the dark is home

and do not turn away.

Some days 

I hear her calling voice, 

and see her in the frame.

Some days I know

she’s gone 

stone cold. 

some days she’s all my pain.