A Beach, a dog, and lemons


The little yellow cabin on Vancouver Island has a sad and leaky little roof.  Last weekend on Saturday morning we headed out on the 7:45 am ferry to see what we could see, and figure out how to help the roof.  It was a beautiful day, sunny and calm for the hour and half crossing, and the 45 minute drive to the cabin.  Addie, our black lab loves road trips.  We joke that we should have called her Goose, because she makes these goose-y noises in anxiety that she will be left behind. It's hilarious.  



Addie is never far from me.  The dog does many things, as dogs do, to annoy the crap out of me on a daily basis.  She eats our used dental floss out of the bathroom garbage container.  She  has discovered a small hole in her new bed, and every morning I am finding bits of fluff on the kitchen floor.  She's a drooler when any kind of food appears. But she is a quiet dog, rarely barks, and loves her humans fiercely.  She is a snuggler, a true lap dog who will climb up on the couch at night and try to lie ON me.  She has hound ears that flap at the slightest movement of her head.  She is the embodiment of joy, and energy and curiosity.  

Yesterday, the sun was out, my girls were home, and I decided to make a lemon cake.  Rainy Vancouver is not conducive to growing lemon trees but it I could, I would have a million of them.  Love anything lemon.  I made a cake from a recipe in a cookbook, and the two cake pans came out of the oven looking like pancakes. So then I tried a recipe from Baked By an Introvert  for a vanilla cake, and I added some lemon zest and juice, and seriously, it was a keeper.  Life with Vanilla Cake (with some lemon added) is as good as it gets.