How the 5 Senses Can Boost Creativity


5 Senses

Get Creativity Back on Track

How does one influence the ebb and flow of creativity?  Is it a combination of external factors weighing on our abilities and energy level, as well as our internal self discipline?   Is it the time of day we delegate to dedicating some time to put towards our writing or cooking or exercise that influences how successful we are? Perhaps all of these come into play.  

I have to admit, writing on my blog these days is hit and miss. Blogging created this unique ability to create a space that reflected my personality, where I could express opinions and interests, and hopefully form friendships.  As an introvert, I find I am more comfortable in a virtual environment.  

Creativity is something that needs to be nursed. Lately, my voice is not there anymore. I don't know if my blog has run the course of its life.  So I am trying once again to rekindle the warmth of the interest I felt at the beginning, and to do so, I've decided to engage my 5 senses.  

Sight - Creating a pleasing space

Today I moved my writing area to another space in our house, and I see the sun on cedar trees in our backyard, and the yellow mossy green against the blue sky is pleasing and brings me contentment. 

Hearing - Can't go wrong with some Coffeehouse Tunes

If you haven't tried Spotify, it's a wonderful space to land.  I have never been one to seek out music, but there is something so wonderful about finding an artist or some coffeehouse music picks to bring out the rhythm of writing.

Smell - give a Diffuser a try

I recently found a diffuser on Amazon for less than $35 including shipping.  This little 300ml VicTsing Wood Grain Essential Oil Diffuser runs for up to 6 hours, and has lights that can be changed according to your mood.  It's quiet, and peaceful, and I love writing to the light scent from Saje's Exhale from the Namaste kit.  

VicTsing Wood Grain Diffuser

VicTsing Wood Grain Diffuser

Taste - a cup of tea can speed you on your way

If you have not tried Toasty Almond Gourmet decaf Tea from Tealish, head over to amazon and order now!  Honestly, the almond, vanilla, apple and cinnamon aroma and taste that comes through is amazing.  I have to stop myself from having 8 cups a day.  

Tealish Decaf Toasty Almond Loose Leaf Herbal Tea

Tealish Decaf Toasty Almond Loose Leaf Herbal Tea


Touch - a pen in the hand, a chance to plan

I love a good pen and a planner.  I invested in the Daily Greatness Business Planner: An Actionable Plan for Expanding Your Mind and Exploding your Business.  This company has a number of great personal planners, so check it out if you are looking for a wonderful structured planner to help you envision your dream and commit to the steps needed to get you where you want to be.  


What is your go-to means to fan the flames of your own creativity?