Search for those things in life that ring true

Resonate. That’s an interesting word. To produce a loud, clear deep sound for a long time. To have a particular meaning or importance for someone. To affect or appeal to someone in a personal or emotional way. Some people are wired to immediately hear and recognize the beautiful possibilities of life. They look outwards and see and hear those things that seem hopeful, interesting, and full of promise. Pursue this, and it will bring more happiness to your life. Try this, do this, it’s going to be fun, and add joy. Then there are others who see and dwell on the current landscape of life. Instead of being able to gaze outwards, they find themselves looking at a map laid out on their kitchen table. It has an X on it, it says You Are Here, and there are a few areas on the map that are worrying you. Maybe more than a few. What can you do to divert your thoughts to other more positive things? What can you do to change the constants in your life that are causing worry or twinges of dissatisfaction? Is it time to once again find a new job: a new boss, less responsibility, less stress? Or is there a way to deal with those areas of ourselves that we want to change internally? I’d like to stop worrying so much about how I am going to do my job, and stop beating myself up for not making more progress on this self-improvement gig. I know I should walk more, watch less TV, write, create.

To live a more directed life, it would be good to stop and listen to what is truly resonating within you. Learning to recognize those things that tug at you to stop and observe, and leave you with the feeling of better. Your mood is better, you feel you have added value to your day. Often we are told that the ability to see hope rather than seeking ways to get through life begins with choosing our thoughts rather than allowing thoughts to take over our thinking. For those like me that suffer depression, it’s not always possible. Everyday it’s a different spin of the wheel. I never know if I will wake up feeling good, or if that black dog will be hanging onto my shoulder all day. But I do believe that even if there is a chemical imbalance that makes it difficult to steer towards the lightness and possibilities of life, it is a worthy goal. So I am proposing to to write about this journey over the next year. If I could try to not only survive each day, but to look up from the X marks the spot, and look out the window, and consider venturing out to where life awaits with new experiences, it will add a lot to my life.

These are the big topics that resonate with me:

  1. Figure out how I am hardwired. Perhaps that is trying to get more specific about what is stressing me out, and try and come up with options on how to deal with this, so my days are not crippled by imagined situations spinning in my head before they’ve even happened.

  2. Commit to finding a purpose and follow my interests. If not now, then when? Pastry courses, auction sales, gardening, starting a side business. It’s all possible, I just need to put in the work.

  3. Be more of a risk taker. There are a few things I want to try. Other people have done them, so why not me? If it promises a smidgeon of fun, and I’m interested in it, I want to try it.

  4. Indulge in quality shows, concerts, books. Get-out-of-the-house-more.

  5. Cultivate habits of dedicated time to the things I deem important.

  6. Actively practice self-approval, and be less concerned with other’s opinions.

  7. Build in more healthy practices to daily routines. Walks at lunch. Preparing lunches the night before, pre-planning meals for a few nights before.

  8. Have patience with this journey. This is an off-the-map ride. Some of the best adventures in life are had by throwing away the map and winging it.

Well I think I am ready. See you next time.