That Thing about Time


Time to Move

Why it's good to plan less and do more

I read a great quote the other day, and I liked it because of its brevity. 

The trouble is, you think you have time. - Buddha

Yep, I certainly do.  I mean it would be difficult to sustain being in the moment for the entire day, wouldn't it?  But I do understand where Buddha is coming from, and usually once a week I will journal something about needing to do daily walks instead sitting and eating at my desk, and trying to read more rather than watch a Netflix re-run, and to certainly eat healthier, and drink less red (who am I kidding, or white) wine.    

What I find interesting about that quote though, is the absence of the word MORE.  More time.  Buddha does not say, The problem is, we think we have more time.  So I struggled a bit with that interpretation.  But there is a subtle difference.  

If I have a dream to become a better person, and maybe evolve into that super woman running through those vitamin ads I watch on Thursday nights as I sit with Mr. Rioja keeping me company, Buddha is basically telling me that the moments with Mr. Rioja are it.  Absorb that.  Believe it.  It is almost as if he is stating that the way we normally think is "Oh, I know I want to take that bakery course and I'm putting it off, and thinking I can do it in January, I really should try to get into the October course." No. And no no no.  Instead, I think Buddha is saying get off the damn couch and wander over to that little desk area where you spent money from Homesense but never sit at, open up your computer, find a You-tube pastry course and start rolling out the croissants, sister.  Because time is now, this is it.  

So this is what I've been trying to do a bit of lately.  It's a great time of year to get moving on doing things that you would normally only mull over.  My favourite time of year actually, because it's dark early (no guilt climbing into PJ's at 7 at night), and because of the corn fields of course.  I say of course like everyone would agree with me, but do you not find that fields of corn with their plumes all waving in the same direction (I think they are waving at me) is one of the most magical sights ever?  If there is a God, a Buddha, a Whatever, he's in a cornfield.  

Last weekend, I remembered hearing about this corn maze that had wine and beer tastings at different spots in the middle of the maze, AND they were dog friendly. (Yes I know - I thought someone was also putting out a very cruel FAKE NEWS story). Instead, I found Abby Roadside Corn Maze in Abbotsford, B.C.  They also mentioned Food Trucks so I was really sold.  My daughter Naomi was home unexpectedly for the weekend so she tagged along as well.  It felt wonderful to do something so different from anything I have done recently, which on weekends frankly seems to be all about safeway for groceries, vacuuming (lazily though, I never move the shoes off the mat in the laundry room), then yes laundry, TV, read, bake, bed.  A good time but not a Good time, if you get my meaning.  I wanted more for my time.  I wanted to create a memory again.  

Abby Roadside Corn Maze

And So we journeyed.  The dog loved it, and it's always nice to have the energy of one of my daughters along.  


Sometimes I understand that the time in front of me is it to do with as I choose, and that I need to choose wisely. I want to anyway.  But I'm really glad when I do something with my time as a result of understanding this.  

What have you done lately to remind yourself that this is it? I would love to hear from you.