It's in the Bag

Badger & Co.

Badger & Co.

the company that gives back...

Badger & Co. has designed the perfect tote: it's leather, beautifully soft with an amazing sheen, and it has a partitioned interior, with a deep fitted sleeve for a water bottle.  Oh, and get this - it has a little secret, a small hidden compartment at the bottom of the bag for a TRACKR device.  This little gem has an app that can be downloaded, and once you're set up, and the device is nestled in the depths of your bag, you'll always be able to track your tote in case of theft (or just plain forgetfulness when you leave lunch 2-wine glasses later but your bag stays behind for one more). 

The beauty of a Badger Bag


The beautiful products of Badger & Co. are just one reason to visit their site. So many great purses, clutches, and totes!  But they also exemplify the best kind of corporate leadership.  They donate 10% of their profits to charities and organizations that support those in need all around the world. Take a moment and check out their website, and learn about their current feature charity, Reality Gives in Mumbai, India, an organization that supports the education of young people in under-privileged communities.  It is a truly inspiring organization. 

I became the lucky recipient of this beautiful leather tote when one of my daughter's entered a Mother's Day contest, and my name was drawn.  The world can open us up to all types of experiences each day.  The gift of this bag was of course wonderful all on its own, but knowing the story behind this company has made me a life-long fan.  I hope you will also support Badger & Co. - you will own a beautiful piece of artistry plus know that you're helping a sister or a brother on the other side of the world.