Are Women's Clubs a Bad Thing?

Women's Clubs.  Are we going backwards to an elitist time in excluding men from our social environments?

In New York City, the Wing is a women's-only club catering to those who want a space to relax and collaborate with like-minded individuals.  Or not.  Their mission was to create a space that would enable fellowship with women of different backgrounds. The membership-only club has a capacity for 300 but a wait list for thousands.  

The appeal for a private club for women can certainly be understood on a surface level.  The majority of women still earn less than their male counterpart, and compete in a male-dominated culture for advancement of their careers.  A space to land after a hard day dealing with Tom, Dick and Harry, where you can put your feet up on a salmon-coloured couch, have a glass of wine and bit of a chat with someone who can immediately sympathize is appealing.

But aren't we going backwards? Are we not participating in that very practice of excluding people that has made it so difficult for so long to be part of a business world that is dominated by men?  Does excluding men from a space really make women open up more, share more ideas, and generate a healthier-version, a better version of ourselves due to this concept of bonding in fellowship with other women?