Friday Favourites: Looks, Books, and Apps - Oct 20, 2017

Ponytail girl.jpg

By Friday, I'm ready for comfortable clothing, hair in a ponytail, warm boots and scarves, and look forward to a weekend of nesting.  This weekend there are no plans on the horizon.  I went window shopping last Saturday, and found a beautiful brown cashmere pullover in Turnabout, a fabulous second-hand clothing store near where I live.  I was tempted at $49 but resisted.  Now the rains have set in, and it's cold and blustery, and I wonder if it would not be a great investment I would have for years.  Still thinking.  Might have to return and try it on.  


Feeling Overwhelmed?  

One night I was driving home, and from the highway I could see this amazing sky, and five minutes later as I was on the final long winding road home, I decided to do what I never would normally indulge in, and that was to pull over, and get out of my car and spend a few minutes enjoying this sunset in front of me.  

This weekend I hope to take a walk or two, and I'm also going to check out these Apps (click here), because who doesn't feel overwhelmed at times, and I figure if these apps are free and available, why not give them a try?  

Vancouver Night Sky - my zen

Vancouver Night Sky - my zen


Home Style

I was on my Pinterest the other night, and felt drawn to lovely cozy bedrooms.  The funny thing about perusing pictures of beautiful rooms, or fashion, or recipes, or whatever interests you might have, it's relaxing to get lost in the moment of of viewing possibilities.  It is interesting to see what tugs at my sleeve as I flip through images, as being appealing.  It's how we discover in part what our own personal style really is.  

The Black House by Peter May

The Black House by Peter May

Book Joy

For books, I'm reading Peter May's Black House.  I am not quite halfway through, and it's a very dark read, with the lead character a policeman returning to the Hebrides island where he grew up in order to investigate a murder that may be linked to a case he is working on.  It flips back and forth from present day, to events that occurred in his childhood and teen years before he left the island not to return until present day.  I would recommend it if you are looking for a mystery crime novel that is superbly written and set off the coast of Scotland.  British crime novels rarely disappoint.  



Friday Fashion.  

I love these fashion choices below because of the colours and the textures, and how play of mix and match can provide such great looks for everyday casual as well as work wear.  Hope you enjoy these pics for the weekend!