About Stonecrop sister

Welcome to Stonecrop Sister.  My name is Nancy Crowley and I live in Vancouver, British Columbia.  

I started my blog a few years ago on Wordpress, and since then have moved to the Squarespace platform.  My enjoyment for blogging is an equal mix of creating new formatting within Squarespace to present the information.  

Women have both unique bonds and challenges.  We are often part of a dual income team, and sometimes that involves coordinating work outside the home with parenting.  We are also needing balance in our lives, to ensure we incorporate healthy habits for eating and exercising and socializing, and allowing ourselves some me-time.  

Stonecrop Sister is all about providing information to support the balance, the work, the parenting, and the time required to reflect on the quality of the life you are leading.  My site strives to include content on current news particularly as it relates to women's issues, as well as fashion articles, work balance, travel, personal posts on favourite finds for books, recipes, music, movies, TV, and interesting links to other sites.  

I hope you will take a few minutes to read a few posts, and perhaps drop me a line.  

- Nancy